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    Главная » 2009 » Май » 7 » New Tee Shirt, Beta Cessions "Klash-Up" & Contest Info
    New Tee Shirt, Beta Cessions "Klash-Up" & Contest Info

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    New Tee Shirt, Beta Cessions "Klash-Up" & Contest Info

    If you've been following me on Twitter, then you may have been privy to my tweets of my recent bouts with insomnia. I'm a perpetual insomniac, but it's been worse the last few weeks. Since I'm one whose philosophies include "Turn that frown upside-down", "Take it from the friend-zone into the end-zone" & "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, pee in it and give it someone you don't like" I decided to make the best of it. I've been making half-assed attempts to sleep and just getting back up 15 minutes later to jump back into work. It's just that now I could justify working on something different to clear my head from all the "Wish Upon a Blackstar"-ness.

    I gave you guys a 'Klash-Up' a few posts ago that i did just because i couldn't sleep then either and needed something else to waste time on. I also thought Freddy Mercury would sound cool over one of my tracks, although I'm still waiting for him to return my calls to tell me what he thinks... (Keep in mind that these are just things I'm dinking around with to work through some production ideas, so enjoy the dinkery. )

    I'm going to drop another Beta Cessions "Klash-Up" right here - tomorrow and I had a brainstorm while working on it. Because I'm self employed and can do any damned thing I want to (as long as that includes dying and paying taxes, of course) I decided to pull out more stops. This time around I decided to dig through some demos, some of my older catalog and throw some "Wish Upon a Blackstar" in there too. As a 'for instance' the first track is a demo I've had sitting around for a year dubbed "Banger." I built some of the elements from some crappy live drums I played into a single microphone and combined that with some guitars and bass from my demo of "The Lucky One" from the ever-upcoming "Wish Upon a Blackstar." I could tell you lots more about it, but i really can't. That's bc this is where the "contest" element comes in:

    Above is a pic of a brand new Celldweller shirt, currently in production (I'm calling it "Birthright" bc I'm not creative enough to come up with something new and original.) We're supposed to have actual product in 2 weeks. I thought it would be cool to give you guys the chance to just straight up win one. Want to know how? Simple: My Klash-Up contains at least 7 tracks from me and other artists that I think you'll be able to figure out. (There's other content in there that you haven't heard yet, so that stuff doesn't count.) The first person who correctly lists artist AND song title of at least 5 songs in the Klash-Up gets the shirt. I will include a text doc in the Klash-Up zip that will list everything that's in there, but only after we have a winner.

    I'll simplify and repost contest details tomorrow. In fact let's just say right now that I will make the track live at http://celldweller.com tomorrow at Noon, EST. Guess what else goes live tomorrow? Blue Stahli's "ULTRAnumb" - one of the best songs I've heard Bret write yet. I'm proud of this one and there's a preview up RIGHT NOW at the FiXT Blog. Go listen.

    I'm completely typed out. I'm going to go practice some drums for "Louder Than Words" bc i don't want to totally suck balls when i attempt to cut them tomorrow. (I can handle "partially" sucking balls, but "totally" is inexcusable.) I'm also going to bounce out a final of my Klash-Up to get ready for you guys tomorrow.

    Nite-Nite (kinda.)


    posted by Klayton (Celldweller) at

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    1 Saint666   (13.05.2009 15:44) [Материал]
    Клейтон:если вы за мной следили в Tweeter совсем недавно то можно было понять что у меня бессонница.Но сечас все намного серьезнее чем было на предыдущей неделе.В голове философские мысли типа"все перевернулось с ног на голову","раз начинаешь так доведи до конца","если жизнь дает тебе лимон так сделай из нее лимонад...".Я сделал несколько тщетных попыток чтобы уснуть хотя бы на 15 минут но опять возвращался к работе.Вся голова полностью забита "Wish Upon a Blackstar"...
    Я показал вам 'Klash-Up' в предыдущем посте потому что хоть как то надо было скоротать время.Я еще подумал что Фреди Меркьюри будет круто звучать в моих треках...Я собираюсь показать еще одну версию Beta Cessions "Klash-Up" завтра-и у меня возникла куча идей по этому поводу.По тому что я сам себе хозяин и творю что захочу(а да сюда выплата за налоги тоже входит))Все это время я копался в демо записях к альбому и многое выкинул...Я придумал еще несколько новых 'tktvtynjd соеденив некоторые паршивые записи барабанов я играл только в один единственный микрофон затем соеденил это с гитарными рифами и бассовыми демо из "The Lucky One" .Я бы мог вам много еще рассказать об этом но не могу.
    ...Еще я практиковал немного игры на барабанах к "Louder Than Words" (это можно посмотреть на YouTube)...

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