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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Piss Revelations (05-13-2009)

    Yep it's time for one of those again. This time instead of bouncing down memory lane on my Hippity-Hop, I will actually give you an up to the minute "Piss Revelation" today. I drank a lot of iced tea, which not only makes me jumpy and more hyper-active than my elementary school principal had already established, but it also makes me have to... pee. A lot.

    So today as I was *ahem* "doin' my thang" for the 11th time, it hit me: The bassline to "Louder Than Words" isn't working. The entire chorus of my original demo was based on this Killing Joke-esque 16th note rhythm that drives the whole chorus (in my tiny mind, at least.) Now I've gone and added so many other goodies (like 12-16 layers of guitars and about just as many synths along with all the vocals & drums) that the bassline isn't happening. Here's a screenshot of just a section of guitars:

    So that was my depressing *PR* for the day. There, there - don't cry. I know I've had non-depressing *PR*'s too. Like the one I had when I decided on the name "FiXT" for my company and the other one where I invented the cure for cancer.

    There will be more, have no fear - and just when you thought it was safe not to think while peeing...




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