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    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Here comes the countdown....

    Some of you have asked what keeps me busy in an average day. (well, maybe it was only one person that asked but I'm trying to make it sound like I'm huge.) Well thanks to ALL of you that asked * cough, cough *, but that's a difficult question to answer bc I sleep 18 hours a day and spend the other 6 trying to wake up.

    Through the groggy haze i do remember one thing i did last week. Wrapped up the next Blue Stahli song "ULTRAnumb". I tweeted you guys last week to let you know that i set Bret Stahli loose in my main studio while i was at The Method House studios working on Wish Upon a Blackstar. He is an SSL virgin (or was.) I gave him a crash course on which fancy buttons are good to press and which one will actually self destruct the board and annihilate the human race, erasing history forever. (He managed the self control to not push that shiny red button. Win for him and Stimpy both.) He must have been having fun bc he didn't come out of the room for a few days. (and by that, i mean "i didn't let him come out of the room for a few days" but let's not argue semantics.) After Bret escaped, *ahem* left my room on his own accord, I tweaked the mix for awhile and put some finishing touches on it and officially wrapped it. IMHO, this is the best Blue Stahli track yet and guess what? Only days after finishing it, you'll be able to tell me if you agree with me or not. ULTRAnumb will be released exclusively at the FiXT store this coming Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo. (Is that the holiday where you're supposed to dress up like a bunny rabbit and eat jelly donuts? I get them all mixed up.)

    So we're releasing the single a few different ways, including an expanded version which includes the original demo of what eventually became ULTRAnumb. BTW, If you guys want consistent updates on what's being released at the FiXT store, subscribe to the FiXT blog that Jimmy Rhodes updates pretty regularly.

    8:30 AM already? Yaaaawwwwwnnn.... Well I've been up for 6 hours now typing out this Klog - time for me to hit the sack. (and no, I'm not talking about my testicles, pervs.)




    posted by Klayton (Celldweller) at

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