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    Главная » 2009 » Апрель » 12 » Celldweller + Blue Stahli + Sebastian R. Komor = Race To Witch Mountain
    Celldweller + Blue Stahli + Sebastian R. Komor = Race To Witch Mountain

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Celldweller + Blue Stahli + Sebastian R. Komor = Race To Witch Mountain

    Damn, I really can smell what the Rock is cookin'. (Wouldn't that kinda suck to live with that tagline for the rest of your life?) Got an e-mail last night confirming that "Birthright (Beta 1.0)" is being used for the Official Trailers. There is also a Blue Stahli track and a Sebastian R. Komor (Squarehead) track confirmed for the trailer as well. There is a good chance these could be spread across mulitple trailers and not necessarily all being used in one, but I won't really know that until I actually see it, or someone tells me how it plays out.

    We at FiXT want to personally thank Walt, Mickey, Donald, The Rock, Minnie and HSM3 for allowing three FiXT artists into the tightly knit fold. Oh, and Goofy too (sorry dude.)

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but i definitely will. I watched the original "Escape to Witch Mountain" 500 times when I was a kid. I wanted powers like the kids had so i could ward off the bullies in school that were regularly beating my ass. And I absolutely had to have a flying saucer. I mean, check out these effects: they will blow your mind.

    I am going to take Bret out for another celebratory lunch for landing a trailer. This time, I think we'll go a little more upscale. I'm thinking Arby's. (now that's a tagline I CAN live with the rest of my life.) It's a shame Sebastian doesn't live closer bc the 3 of us would celebrate in style, Apple Turnovers and all.



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    posted by Klayton (Celldweller) at

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    1 Saint666   (13.04.2009 21:50) [Материал]
    Клейтон как всегда молодец!!Сделал к фильму Race to with Mountain(в русском варианте это кажется Ведьмина гора) саундтреки.Но там еще и Blue Stahli и еще много кто участия принимал.Как он сам говорит фильм еще не видел целиком..но обещает что звуковые эффекты оч крутые)...так все бегом на фильм!точнее слушать саундтреки Клейтона)) smile

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