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    Главная » 2009 » Апрель » 12 » "Sorry" & Last Call for Free FiXT Tracks
    "Sorry" & Last Call for Free FiXT Tracks

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    "Sorry" & Last Call for Free FiXT Tracks

    Ok, I'm officially sorry. Geez, can't a guy get away with pulling a "Klaypril Fools" joke and sending you to the HSM3 page for the new Celldweller album? I really didn't think anyone would fall for it truthfully. I mean, i would give you guys at least 1 day notice if the album was actually ready to drop, after all the time I've been working on it. Ya know, that reminds me that I haven't even told you how I will be releasing the new record - Like MLK Jr. "I have a dream..." I am still wrapping up my BT "Suddenly" remix and will Klog your arteries and the synapses of your cranial nerves with "Wish Upon a Blackstar" release plans as soon as I'm done remixing.

    If it's any consolation to you, I completely bought the farm yesterday too when I foolishly headed over to Bret Stahli's "Blog" (wait that doesn't work. BLue stahli blOG = BLOG which really is the same thing as a standard BLOG. You guys will have to suggest something more creative to Bret, so head over there and help him name his "BLOGs") Yeah, i got sucked into the Blue Stahli vortex and clicked the shiny purple link. I cannot bear to tell you what happened next - the only way to know is to do it yourselves. I warn you though, my heart died inside my chest and I peed my pants a little too. Not a pretty sight.

    Jimmy Rhodes also wanted me to let you guys know this is the last week to grab almost 40 free tracks from FiXT (This is NOT a Klaypril Fools joke - I swear on a basket of kittens.) Half of them are Blue Stahli tracks and then other goodies from Atlas Plug, Squarehead/Sebastian Komor, Technical Itch, lvl, Kearly, Remorse Code & Subkulture. There are also some free FiXT Wallpapers too, thanks to Travis Ray. "Get 'em while the gettin's good." (I heard that in some movie based in the southern US and knew I just had to quote it somewhere. Finally, I found my chance and took it.)

    I'm off to remix and play with these adorable kittens. Yeah, it's all fun and games til they start poopin'.



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    posted by Klayton (Celldweller) at

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