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Celldweller - The Last Firstborn             15:12

               The Last Firstborn Lyrics


Oh man, i can't believe that you did what they said
you did and to this day i've still gotta say that in
my mind i question it i wish i knew what you had
meant before you went and left me wondering to
just an echo of your voice 'listen...'
now i wait to take my turn to bleed like a kid playing
with a razorblade and wonder if i have the
balls at all or am i gonna be afraid where are
you? what do you think? 'cause i'm not sure when
knocking at death's door if i will be welcome in
or be left alone outside
i hear the sound of a heart
from the shadow in the dark
waiting for the poison to hit its mark
(listen--my son) i see the darkness
surround the shape on the ground the
killer straight up and a body face
down (firstborn-last one) i hear the
din of the screams, sorrow in streams
the smell of farewell and gasoline
(listen--my son) i see a heart set free
and my legacy hear a voice from a
shadow that is beckoning me
(firstborn-last one)
i guess there comes a point when you
think to yourself "this isn't worth it, it
isn't worth it" and now i feel what you felt inside
brother and now i feel what you felt
this isn't worth it, it isn't worth it i
wish it didn't end this way live a life in
hell through a mortal shell asphyxiating
smell for a crime lifetime imagination
locked in a cell and to the other
firstborn, i see the same scene that
must play over in your mind and now
how much more i'm sure it's f**ked with
your head just like it's f**ked up mine.
"listen my son-firstborn last one"
the message you sent out to me-i can't
change what's meant to be

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