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    Klayton Q&A

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Klayton Q&A

    How boring. "Klayton Q&A" is the weak attempt I took at naming this type of post. It's too early in the morning for me to be thinking straight. I will (as often as time permits) be posting answers to some of your questions right here. The problem I'm having right away is the title of this section sucks gonads - so I need your help:

    I'll repost this at Myspace for those who don't have accounts here at Celldweller.com. (thanks to all the glorious spammers around, you have to create an account to post or we'd be eyeballs deep in spam.) So in the comments, suggest a name for these posts so I have a consistent, cool and catchy title everytime I throw up more answers to your questions. Well, I won't "throw up" your questions, that would be gross. Myself and management will pick a name that we think is coolest and we'll mail you a "Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01" CD and digital versions of all 3 Celldweller Remix Competition releases. I already came up with "Time Out with Uncle Klay" and "Klayton takes some questions you asked, answers them and then posts them on his frickin' Klog" but for some reason, those just weren't doing it for me. I'm more into something like the "Klaypril Fools" joke Derick Eisenhardt suggested.

    You start getting creative and I'll start by posting a few answers:

    Kokonoe: After releasing the second Celldweller album, do you plan on making more electronic tracks under your own name, like Beginning of the End and Kemikal? It would be great if you released a full album of that kind of material as a side project.

    "Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01" was a collection of pieces that i pulled from hundreds of demos that fit more in the Film/TV/Video game world, as far as their sound and composition. I suck at math, so let's figure this one out on virtual 'paper':

    100's - 20 = 100's

    Yep, just as i thought. i have hundreds of crappy demos still sitting around. As it turns out a majority of them fall more into the "electronic" category. I could easily compile 3 albums worth of my version of 'electronic' music from just the demos i have, but they all require work - some a lot more than others. On a base level, i would LOVE to finish some of these up and get them off my back, but on the other hand, i'm still in an arm wrestling match with Father Time and he's kicking my ass. So this was all really just a long drawn out way of saying "Yes, i would love to release an album of electronic music, but not until the time is right." I will probably do it under "Celldweller" and not just Klayton and i may approach it one song at a time instead of a full blown album. No promises, but i certainly desire to make this happen at some point.

    Damian: Did you still use the equipments like korg ms2000, nordlead2, access virus on your productions? or you use soft synths and plugins?

    Yes, i do still use a fair amount of hardware synths in my tracks. I do love softsynths and effect plugins, but there is no question that hardware has a different sound. There is a low end that I can get out of my Moog Voyager or Virus TI that I cannot seem to get from a plugin. Also, a trick to getting things to sound good and separated in a final mix is variety. Mixing up hardware and software is our friend. This does not mean that if you don't have hardware that you can't make great sounding music. I personally just prefer to use both.


    posted by Klayton (Celldweller) at

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    Kokonoe:после релиза второго альбома Селдвеллер планируете ли вы записать еще и электронные треки под вашим именем таких как Beginning of the End and Kemikal?Это был бы неплохой материал для релиза.

    Клейтон:Саундтреки для Voices in My Head Vol. 01 были какой то частью этой коллекции которая представляет собой кучу демок предназначеных для телевидения фильмов и т.десли посчитать сколько их,ненавижу цифры.
    ...да я хотел бы конечно издать такой электронный альбом...но пока не позволяет время.Я чаще делаю эти треки под именем Селлдвеллер но не под Клейтон.Пока не буду давать никаких обещаний но будем надеятся что это случится в будущем.

    Damian:вы все еще пользуетесь в вашей работе таким оборудованием как korg ms2000, nordlead2, access virus?или это в основном синтезаторы и всякие примочки?

    Клейтон:да я до сих пор знаете использую огромное множество эффектов синтезатора в своих треках.Но я и в самом деле люблю всяие разные эффекты и синтетические примочки,это же совершенно разные звуки...Знаете миксы и металические эффекты это наши друзья)Но это не значит что если у тебя нет металлических эффектов у тебя не получится качественного звука.Я предпочитаю все сразу использовать.

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